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Interested in funding to address climate concerns in your community?

CHART Community Grant​

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CHART Community Grant - FAQ

Do we need to be a community organization or non-profit to apply?

No, you do not need to be a formal community organization or non-profit organization to apply! You can apply with a team of community members. 

How many people need to be on my team?

No restrictions! We recommend having members to support you in the planning and implementation phase. We suggest a minimum of 5 members. However, no group is too big!

What kinds of concerns can we address?

This grant is aimed at climate impacts on health. Example climate concerns can include heat exposure, flooding, drought, food security, litter/storm drain maintenance, and air pollution. We encourage you to think about how these climate concerns might impact your community’s health. Feel free to email us at to explore ideas! 

What kinds of support and technical assistance will be provided?

We will provide one year of funding for project activities. Technical assistance for planning and implementation will also be provided. This includes meetings to discuss your group’s project activities, timeline, budget and deliverables. 

Does the timeline allow for project planning?

You may use the first two months of the project period to refine your group’s plans. This can be included in the application timeline (Section 5, Question 22).

What do I do if I have questions?

We encourage you to reach out to us with your ideas and for support in the application process. Email us at

Please join our informational webinar on April 29th from 6:30–7:30 PM. Registration form coming soon!

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