Tim Lian receives $7.5 million DOD grant for fuel cell research

Justin Burton's research examines the physics of a glacial "slushy"

Rebecca Philpsborn on climate change and global health

Howard Chang and Yang Liu receive IBM grant to study climate and health

Eri Saikawa and Geoff Martin on the effectiveness of state climate policies

Karen Levy on reducing health regrets in a changing climate

Wes Longhofer's research examines the issue of "disproportionality" in fossil fuel-burning power plant emissions.

Community Engagement

Climate@Emory in the news

The Georgia Climate Project

July 2018: Georgia Model Solar Zoning Ordinance

May 2018: Georgia Climate Project Releases "Georgia Climate Research Roadmap"

November 2017: Assessing health co-benefits of ATL Climate Action Plan

May 2017: Public comments re ATL 100% Clean Energy Plan

October 2016: "Choosing Our Energy Future II" Town Hall (co-hosted with Ga. Tech)



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