Study Climate Abroad

Emory provides opportunities for conducting climate-related coursework in international settings through its Center for International Programs Abroad.  See below to find out about study abroad locations with an emphasis on climate change.

University of Freiburg

The University of Freiburg, an academic center long associated with the environmental movement in Europe, offers undergraduates semester-long opportunities to study climate change under its Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. Emory students participate through IES Abroad, an education non-profit based in Chicago that has a designated Environmental Studies and Sustainability program at Freiburg (see IES Freiburg—Environmental Studies and Sustainability). Students take 5-6 courses per semester. (In the last two years, six Emory students have participated in the program.) Among the course offerings are:

  • Renewable Energies in a World of Transition: a course predominantly about climate change;
  • Green City: Economic Aspects of Environmental Change: one-third of the classes focus on climate-related issues;
  • EU Environmental Policies: On the Road to Sustainability: one-third of the classes are devoted to climate change;
  • Environmental Policies and Green Business in Freiburg: two out of 22 classes are about climate change.

School of Geography, Queen Mary College, University of London

Queen Mary College of the University of London, home to one of the leading geography departments in the United Kingdom, offers courses on climate through its School of Geography. Students are able to study at the college on a semester basis. Among the courses that principally or partially cover climate change topics are:

  • The Science and Politics of Climate Change: devotes a full semester to exploring climate-related topics;
  • Global Environmental Change: more than half of the classes cover climate issues;
  • Earth Surface Science: one-third of the classes involve climate issues;
  • Global Environmental Issues: about one-fourth of the classes are devoted to climate change.

Department of Geography, University College London

The University College Geography Department has a strong climate focus. Two of its six designated research clusters focus on climate change: Past Climates and Recent Environmental Change and Biodiversity, which is part of the Environmental Change Research Center. Undergraduates are able to study for a semester and take climate-related courses under the department's environmental geography program.